Stunningly perfect.

Curated by our team of expert diamond cutters, our diamonds have a unique stamp of perfectionist touch.

Who we are

M. Herz & Son is a diamond manufacturing and trading company. Three generations of our family have been growing the company for almost 70 years. Our perfectly cut diamonds is a result of our over a half a decade of experience. Our top priorities, is providing unmatched quality and service of the highest standards.

We are based in the heart of the world’s diamond trade capital, New York’s 47th Street. Today we stand as a active member of this community following closely the latest trends, tastes and innovations in the industry.

Our Cutters

Our workers are highly skilled and extremely creative. They create excellent cut and polished from unique rough diamonds. We have a great combination of having the best sources for rough diamonds, and the skilled hands of our hand picked professional cutters.

We utilize century old experience and cutting edge technology to ensure quality beyond possible. Today, we stand apart as being able to deliver quality diamonds with extraordinary cuts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with our clients and to help them sell more diamonds. We dedicate ourselves to providing only the most salable and brilliant collection of loose diamonds and sharing our expertise with jewelers worldwide. This culminates in creating new tools and online experiences to improve our customers’ business.